– simple thoughts & writings &c. by Elizabeth Heimbaugh –


Once upon a time, a little bird fell in love with a man. This may strike you as unusual because you didn’t think that birds had hearts capable of love. But they do, they most certainly do! A bird can love twice as powerfully as the average human who spends most of his time frittering away at the computer or office desk. Birds are capable of flight, you see, and that puts everything in perspective in a way that most humans don’t take the time to understand.

A Simple Question

In the morning, when you first begin to remember that there’s a world waiting for you to show up in, it’s important to ask God a simple question: What can I do today to bring more light into the lives of the people I meet? I know that this can be a hard question to ask when you yourself are feeling steeped in darkness, wrapped around with a blanket of pure and simple despair. How can your life bring light to anyone else when your candle seems altogether snuffed out, your life-bulb altogether dimmed? …

Here’s the answer to the question that has been plaguing you all this time:

Don’t be afraid to accept the mystery of a love that desires more for you than you could even desire for yourself.

I know. It seems facile, simple, pat. I know it’s hard to believe when the darkness keeps creeping in and putting a damper on your sense of hope, your sense of peace.

I know it’s not easy to accept a belief in goodness when the goodness in your life seems to have disappeared, vanished into the space of a terrible unknown.

One might even ask: How can a reasonable soul believe what the mind suggests, with all the best evidence, to be untrue? Isn’t it a betrayal of logic, an act of slander to one’s integrity, to maintain faith in the things the senses reveal to be unreal, unfounded, unamenable to the truth?

But, wait. There’s more to be said in the stillness of the night. When you quiet your mind, dismissing the voices that echo in the cavern of thought, you begin to intuit the presence of some other force—some kind of energy that keeps you alert and watchful even at the midnight hour.