Persisting through Doubt

LORD, sometimes my faith is in a crisis of doubt because it feels like all the things I’m hoping for—and all the things You seem to have counseled me to wait upon with trust—have failed to appear, have neglected to break upon the scene as promised.

Then I question whether my belief in You is really not just an illusion, conceived by the most hopeful part of my nature in an insistent desire to know that all will be well, and that there is a deeper, richer, more magical way of looking at life.

And in the face of people who would spurn Your existence, and tell me that my faith is only child’s play and in controversion of sound logical thinking—well, what can I say? I still believe, yet it must seem utterly foolish of me to persist. Why continue to trust when there is scant evidence that my trust is well-placed?

Nonetheless, GOD, my heart tells me that there is Truth in You, and my spirit is awakened to the strongest Love in Your Presence.

How can these things be explained to someone who thinks the mind is the King of our existence, that logic is the only path we have for arriving at truth?

GOD, the reasons I love You are simple and complicated all at once. But I know that, for You, the only thing that counts is the intention of the heart to act and live in love. You know my love for You, even as I am very imperfect at making it clear in the way I live.

It relieves me to know that Your ways are kindness and peace, and that the things You ask of me are not an impossible burden, but simply an invitation to a richer, more meaningful life.