Jehovah Shalom

The window of life is uncurtained and clear – look outside all you please and the sun on the grass, the wind in the trees, will give you back the hope you’ve been dying to find.

Can I ask you a simple question?

What is it like to be free?

The thing I struggle against is finding the will to be free from the fears that pin me down. It’s a crazy thing, to suffocate under the pressure of so much confusion, so much darkness and doubt. You’d think the light would reach me here, since I’ve been asking for it to shine on me all this time.

But there must be a cloud that blocks the sun – some tint of obscurity that turns the whole picture gray, takes away the brilliance I’ve been dreaming of seeing.

Yet – here’s the rub:

I can’t tell you what color is if all you’ve seen is gray. How can I describe the burst of hue that dazzles your eyes if your eyes are covered by shades?

The impossible is impossible, unless you bring GOD to the table…. Because His ways are mystery and life.

Jehovah Shalom – The LORD is peace. The LORD is peace and I wish to have His ways entangled with mine. The LORD is peace and I want to breathe the peace of the Spirit – in and out – as I walk and talk and eat my daily bread.

When you ask me what I want from life – I can tell you that what I want is… PEACE.