– simple thoughts & writings &c. by Elizabeth Heimbaugh –


Once upon a time, a little bird fell in love with a man. This may strike you as unusual because you didn’t think that birds had hearts capable of love. But they do, they most certainly do! A bird can love twice as powerfully as the average human who spends most of his time frittering away at the computer or office desk. Birds are capable of flight, you see, and that puts everything in perspective in a way that most humans don’t take the time to understand.


A few words of encouragement for a darkened soul:

The light will shine again and soon. Don’t despair because things are looking unclear. There is always a murky river to wade through before you reach the sea. It’s all right to have your doubts, but it’s too soon to throw away your whole framework of life just because a couple of things don’t seem to fit. The world is a mysterious place. Sometimes the answers find us long after we have started to seek them out; the waiting is hard, but only the lighthearted will find their rest in this life—so lighten your heart, unburden your soul, and leave the rest to God.


Ice cubes trembling
Birds on wire.

Happy head
Children dancing
Time for bed.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a little bolder, a little sillier, a little wiser. To entertain these desires doesn’t require that you sacrifice your goal of self-acceptance. People often make the mistake of thinking that allowing someone the freedom to be himself means precluding all expectations of growth or change. But this isn’t really the case. Because in the long run, change is inevitable—so why not wish for a change in the direction of a fuller, more fulfilling life? It’s OK to wish for the attainment of things which you don’t yet have, while keeping in mind that the reason you seek them is not to become a different person, but only to become the happier and more fully alive version of yourself. Is it not so?

Welcome to the Hatter House, where all the heads are hatted with hats and all the hats are headed with heads. The dues for membership will be waived in due time, as it were. We see you haven’t got much change to spare so our crowd will make it as easy on you as we can.