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Ooh La La

Volver a los diecisiete

Discovered this song recently and couldn’t stop listening to it!


A slow, pretty cover of the George Michael song.

Two Peonies

This is an old poem, but I’m experimenting with using video as a means to occasionally record and deliver poetry. Ignore the fancy promotional bit at the end; I just quickly imported my video to one of the first free online video editors I could find, and the result was some extra advertising graphics I don’t exactly want. Suggestions welcome ūüôā


Two peonies are blooming under the sky,
But I am too sick with nerves to come by
And loiter with them and ask their pardon
For looking so pale inside their garden:
They would wince, close, lose their beauty, dry;
They would drop their petals, sullen, and sigh:
Goodbye, good child, good-bye, good bye.

Una Lunga Storia d’Amore

One of the most beautiful little songs I’ve discovered in recent memory. I think it’s just perfect, and Gianluca Ginoble does a lovely job of interpreting it.

My translation of lyrics: 

When I saw you arriving,
Beautiful as you are,
It didn’t seem possible to me
That among so many people
You would notice me.

It was like flying
Here, inside my bedroom,
Like in the deepest dream (or slumber) within you,
I’ve always known you and I’ve loved you forever.

Pretend that you’ll never leave me
Even though it will have to end sooner or later,
This long love story.
It’s¬†already late now but it’s early¬†if you leave.

Pretend that the time will pass
Only for us,
But it won’t pass,
This long love story.
It’s¬†already late now but it’s early¬†if you leave.
It’s too late but it’s early¬†if you leave.

Grande Amore

I’ve been walking around my neighborhood singing this song, using passionate gestures and animated facial expressions–I probably look like a complete nut case to the people driving by.

Anyway, I love the wink at the 2:14 mark. I have a weakness for winks. (Credo che ho anche un debole per i ragazzi italiani….)

Non Ho L’Et√†

Moon River

This may be a bit embarrassing, since I’m not an especially good singer, but oh well! It’s a lovely song anyway.

Corpus Christi Carol

Life on Mars (Cover by Aurora)